We are giving away free marijuana clones…

Medical Marijuana Clone
Yes, the headline is correct, we are giving away medical marijuana clones… for free, nada, nothing, zip, gratis… but this isn’t something new as we’ve been giving away clones since 2014.

If you got a 6-pack of clones from us not only did you get great clones at a discounted price, we ALWAYS threw in a 7th clone for free!

We never told patients about this, we wanted to send them away feeling like they got much more than they expected, so when they came to pick up their clones it was like “surprise!“.

Because we have been doing this for while and have many patients who have received their marijuana clones from us over multiple grow seasons it has become less and less of a surprise.

So today we are making it official policy at Maine Seedlings & Clones, for every 6-pack you get from us you will also receive 1 free clone!

The math is simple, get 1 6-pack = you get 1 free clone, 2 6-packs = 2 free clones, 3 6-packs = 3 free clones… but it does top out at 4 free clones.

There are only two stipulations:

  1. You have to be a Maine Medical Marijuana Patient (or a patient from another state that has applied for and received reciprocity from the state of Maine).

2. We do our best to accommodate patient strain requests for the 7th (free) clone, but there are times we can’t, so the final decision is ours to make.


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