Update on our Soul Nutrients from Roots Organic…

Maine Marijuana

We are on the downhill side of this flower cycle (just a few weeks to go), but what’s got us excited about harvesting this grow (besides the Chocolope) is that we are using the Soul Nutrients line for the very first time.

As I had mentioned in the first post, we have never made a “wholesale” nutrient change in one of our grows before (it’s always just a little tweaking here and a little tweaking there) but we figured what the heck, “no risk, NO REWARD” and we have seen nothing but reward.

The proof will come at harvest time but I can say that our plants look outstanding (both in size and in health), the 12 flowering plants in this hydro cycle appear better than anything we’ve grown in the past (though we have grown these strain before). Seriously. We are really looking forward to harvest.

Soul Nutrients for growing cannabis hydroponically

This pretty little bud is from a Chocolope that is part of this grow:

Maine Marijuana

We flower under HPS (high pressure sodium) lights so the color on the video is off (to say the least), I will re-shoot this with a proper filter (or lighting) in the near future so that you can see the true color and vibrancy of these plants.

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