More information about our clones…

Strawberry Cough, White Widow and other marijuana clones.

Many folks have contacted us wanting to know which clones were Indica, Sativa and/or hybrids so I thought I would re-post the clones list with that information included, so here ya go:

3- Cotton Candy – Indica

3- Amnesia Haze – Mostly Sativa

3- Big Bud – 50/50 Hybrid

4- Red Diesel – 50/50 Hybrid

7- Blue Lemon Thai – 50/50 Hybrid

7- White Widow x Big Bud – Mostly Indica

9- Kuban Killer (The Russian!) 60% Sativa/40% Indica

10- OG Kush – 50/50 Hybrid

10- Strawberry Cough – Mostly Sativa

13- Pineapple Express – Mostly Indica

14- 710 Cheese – Mostly Indica

15- Cookie Kush – Indica

17- Chocolope – Sativa

24- Super Lemon Haze – Mostly Sativa

Our clones are between 8 and 12 inches tall.

If you are interested in ordering email us (, text us (1-207-613-5650) or leave a voicemail to place an order:

We are setting up appointments for Thursday and Friday of this week (3/9 & 3/10)  to meet with patients in either the Portland or Biddeford areas (depending on the town you are coming from).

They go quickly and on a first come first served basis, but we will do our best to get you the strain(s) and number(s) you are looking for.

PRICES: Individual clones are $35 each or $175 a six pack.

With every six pack you will receive one free clone (check out the details here).

As these clones are only available to those participating in the Maine Medical Marijuana Program here are some of the rules regarding seedlings (clones).

You can find the complete list of program rules at the Maine Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) website

Free 600 watt HPS bulbs… Yup, FREE!…

Hortilux marijuana grow lightsInspired by our friend Dug who is giving away a grow light (check out his “paying it forward” video here –, it made us think about some the things that we have that might be of use to others.

We change our 600 watt HPS bulbs religiously based on the manufacturers recommendation, popular urban myths and throwing darts at a calendar while blind folded, so when combining all of these scientific methods we end up changing out our bulbs every 6 to 12 months, but but for some reason we never throw them away.

No, these bulbs are not brand new but they most certainly have some life left in them.

If you are short a bulb (and a little money) for you grow then nothing is going to happen, so we would like to give those folks a hand if we can.

All you have to do is drop us an email ( and we will give these bulbs away a pair at a time until they are gone.

There are EyeHortilux, Yield Lab, Apollo and other brands in that stack of bulbs and be given away paired by brand but by the luck of the draw. Some will even come in their original boxes (no, we don’t throw anything away!).

Yield Lab marijuana grow lightsThe only stipulations are that you must live in Maine and you would need to pick them up in the Portland area.

If these bulbs could help you get your grow going then please email us today.

Lastly, speaking of Dug and his free light giveaway, we are adding two clones for him to give away with his light, so check out his video, leave a comment and if you win you’ll get the light AND a couple clones.

Medical marijuana clones from Maine

It was a busy delivery day today…

There are going to be some happy patients today because we are delivering their medical marijuana clones.

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Update on Spectrum King LED lights…

Maine Medical Marijuana
Just wanted to add a couple things to our recent post about Spectrum King LED lights:

1. Another guarantee Spectrum King provides for all their lights (and we failed to mention) is that for any reason, within the first 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with the lights you can return them for a full refund, no restocking charge, no handling fee, none of that crap. You can check out their FAQ page here.

2. Also, not only is the “Mothers Lil Helper” on sale (for $199), so is their “Closet Case Grow Light” (also just $199).

As soon as I am done with this post I am heading over to Spectrum King to grab several “Closet Case Grow Lights” to add to our grow arsenal.


The best LED lights available are now on sale!…

Maine Medical Marijuana
I don’t often recommend to people that they should plunk down their hard earned money on a product I have not yet tried and tested  myself, actually I never have, until now that is.

LED lights have been on our radar for awhile and we’ve been watching the LED lights from Spectrum King in particular (because of the quality of their American made lights and the people behind them) and I can honestly say I have never done so much research before making a purchase before and I am so sure about what we’ve learned that we knew when the time came to make the move to LED’s Spectrum King were going to be the lights we bought.

Maine Medical Marijuana
Well, that time came as we are in the process of building out a new mother and clone room so we were facing the decision about (what) lighting which then morphed into the discussion of when we would should begin our transition to LED’s, but when we saw that Spectrum King had put their “Mother’s Lil Helperon sale for just $199 it was a no brainer, our transitioning to LED’s was starting now, LED LIGHTS HERE WE COME!

We have been using T5 lights for years, here are most of the costs associated with using them over 3 years (as that is the warranty period for the “Mother’s Lil Helperand a 4 foot 4 light T5 unit have roughly the same coverage area) :

1. The initial cost of the lighting fixture (4 foot – 4 bulb T5 fixture roughly $150)

2. The cost of the first set of bulbs (4 bulbs – Hortilux veg $30 each – $120)

3. The cost of replacing those bulbs every 9-12 months (4 bulbs – Hortilux veg $30 each – $120 over 3 years $240)

4. The cost of cooling (trust me, you put enough T5’s in a room and you will need to evacuate the heat!)

5. The cost of running these lights (55 watts per bulb – 210 watts total for a 4 bulb unit – so the monthly cost is more than 4 times the cost of the Mother’s Lil Helper)

6. The cost of the cooling device (air conditioner, mini-split, etc.) for removing heat from the grow room (unknown – but not cheap!)

So, not including the electrical cost of running AND cooling T5 lights you would spend $510 out of pocket over three years. A side note, the bulbs and fixtures only have a 12 month warranty at best (“Mother’s Lil Helper” comes with a 3 year warranty).

With “Mother’s Lil Helper“:

1. The initial cost of the unit (sale price $199)

2. cost of the first set of bulbs ($0)

3. The cost of replacing those bulbs every 9-12 months ($0)

4. The cost of cooling ($0)

5. The cost of running these lights (each “Mother’s Lil Helper” has the power consumption of a single 100 watt light bulb!)

6. The cost of the cooling device (air conditioner, mini-split, etc.) for cooling the grow room (NOT NEEDED!)

So to keep things equal, not including the electrical cost of running and cooling the lights you would spend $199 out of pocket over three years for a “Mother’s Lil Helper“, $199 vs. $510.

So it boils down to this, if you buy a “Mother’s Lil Helper” you will get a better quality light fixture that will provide your plants with a better quality light for about one third the startup cost of a T5 unit and monthly operating expenses that will cost you less than 25% to run vs. a T5 light and it’s not just about saving money, your plants will be happier, grow better/stronger and yield more.

So you save a bunch of money at the time of purchase and continue saving money every single month you run them while getting better grow results, see why it was a no brainer to make the move?

Maine Medical Marijuana
But wait, there’s more! There’s another issue that I have yet to mentioned, safety… if you look closely at the picture above you will see a Spectrum King light that is turned on while it is being hosed down by water! If you have ever been around when a hot bulb exploded because it was hit by mist or water droplets while a grower was spraying plants, it is truly a very scary and dangerous situation.

You can watch the video of the light being drenched by following this link, its a pretty impressive demonstration (

Maine Medical Marijuana
I could go on about why we can’t wait for these lights to arrive and why I think anyone looking to purchase lights needs to run, not walk, over to Spectrum King to get your lights and I strongly suggest you do it sooner rather than later as I don’t know how long this crazy sale will last.

(click on any of the images to view larger)


Sorry everyone, we’re out of clones…

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The cupboard is bare, sorry everyone… but we are hoping to have the latest and greatest batch of clones (like Strawberry Cough, Pineapple Express and Granddaddy Purple) ready for your gardens in about 10-14 days.

But feel free to email us ( and as soon as the medical marijuana clones are ready we will send you an email (making you the first to know!).

For those of you who have emailed our “available clones auto-responder” (, we will save your email and you too will be notified the moment we have clones available.

What we have available for clones…

Maine Medical Marijuana Clones
I know it’s getting late in the season for you outdoor growers, but there is still time to get plants in the ground. Of course for all you with a greenhouse or who grow indoors you are not restricted by the traditional thing known as a growing “season“.

So as of this very moment (6/24/15) these are the clones we have available, and we will have more coming online in about 7-10 days (we have two cloning machines going non-stop).

4 large Copper Top
6 small Copper Top

1 large Cash Crop
1 small Cash Crop

2 small White Widow x Big Bud

2 small Purple Rain

1 large Durbo

1 large Sweet Amnesia

2 small Critical Kush

1 large Bubblegummer
1 small Bubblegummer

1 large Headband

10 small AK-47

Copper Top is a high THC strain of our own development and is a strong mix of G-13 and Blue Train (Trainwreck & Blue Dream), though there is a bit of “mystery” as there is another unknown plant in the mix from several generations back.

Durbo is a high THC strain from a friend of Maine Seedlings that i s a mix of Durban Poison and Turbo Diesel.

Small = 4-6 inches

Large = 6-12 inches

Prices are $175 for a “six pack” or $35 for an individual plant.

If you have any questions, want to place an order you can call, text us @ 1-207-613-5650 or email us at


This is a BIG Freaking deal!…

Maine Medical Marijuana Caregiver
Yesterday we got some seriously important news when it comes to cannabis research, in a post by US News and World Report a “Major Pot Research Barrier Goes Up in Smoke” because the Obama Whitehouse has decided to drop the requirement that required researchers to “submit proposed pot studies to the U.S. Public Health Service for review, ending a hurdle that delayed – sometimes for years – private and state-funded research into marijuana’s medical value.”

This is a very important step down the path of knowledge, so that we can finally have a real scientific approach, discovery and openness as to what cannabis really can do for us.

Major Pot Research Barrier Goes Up in Smoke” was written by Steven Nelson and is well worth the read.


The Importance of good customer service…

When it comes to our patients everything we do for and with them is important to us.

Not the least of which is the customer service we provide after the sale.

Not only do we take the time answer every question, text and phone call in a VERY timely fashion, we also email our patients after EVERY interaction to make sure that all is well, to make sure they are happy with the quality of the medical marijuana, happy with the quality of service they received from us, to make sure they are happy with their entire experience with us and our cannabis.

We were recently pleasantly surprised to get a voice mail from a patient after sending them an email and we wanted to share it with you (with their permission).

So if you are a medical marijuana patient and were wondering what it would be like “do business” with us, to be one of our patients please take the time to listen to this audio file, it won’t take long, it is just under 40 seconds.

Customer Service at Maine Seedlings and Clones


Our most popular medical marijuana strain is…

Strawberry Cough Medical Marijuana
By far our most popular strain in both categories (medicine AND clones) is Strawberry Cough.

Because it’s number one we thought we’d share some of the specifics of this outstanding strain.

It’s a very productive plant that’s bred for its euphoric, anti-anxiety high. This mostly sativa strain produces a comfortable and enjoyable, yet powerful, experience. It`s a very consistent Purple variety with a quality is renowned for its potency, not in its yield, which is average to slightly above average.

Strawberry Cough grows very well in both hydroponic and dirt gardens. It produces a powerful, really strong yet mellow high and a strawberry fruity taste.

Strawberry Cough Medical Cannabis
The plants have heavy lateral branches that become weighed down with substantial, tight, compact buds resembling pine cones. The buds themselves have a distinct aesthetic quality, sticky with resin and a sweet berry/citrus aroma that take on a deep red to deep purple hue when fully mature. Though the yield of these plants is not as high it is a clear lesson in quality over quantity.

The aroma of Strawberry Cough is very particularly fruity with an end note of fresh berries. The taste mirrors the smell quite nicely, bringing that berry-flavored goodness into the foreground. Users describe the flavor as thick and creamy with a slight “tickly” effect on the lungs, hence the name.

The effect it produces is both energetic and uplifting, like any good quality sativa. No couch-locking going on here, just a great, effervescent high that lets the user get on with their day productively with an intensified positive attitude. The effect is relatively potent and immediate and lasts a long time. This is a great strain for social interaction as well as combating the effects of depression and anxiety for those who grow for medicinal purposes.

Type: mostly sativa
Genetics: 75% Sativa / 25% Indica
Flowering Time Indoor: 57 – 67 days
Height: Medium
THC Level: 15-19%
Strength / Lasting Effect: The weed affects middle-high to high.
Grade: top shelf
Smell: sweet, berry notes
Taste: notes of berry, smooth hitting
Effects: nice upward high
Potency: very strong
Good Strain For: getting things done

Be sure to check out our inventory to see if it’s in stock.

Strawberry Cough Medical Marijuana
Strawberry Cough Medical Marijuana