Our review of The Cannabis Strain Directory…

Today we are reviewing The Cannabis Strain Directory and it could very well be a super short review, summing it up in just two words “Love It!“.

Maine Medical Marijuana
And there’s lots to love about it, starting with IT’S FREE.

But there’s so much more to The Cannabis Strain Directory, starting with the fact that there are (currently) almost 1300 strains listed and because the list is updated so frequently every time The Cannabis Strain Directory launches it checks for updates to the database, so you’ll always be current when it comes to available cannabis strains.

Maine Medical Marijuana
You will find detailed and useful information on all of the listed strains and there are so many search options — you can search by breeder, you can search by strain, and (my favorite) you can search by disease. Once you’ve chosen a given disease you can then select the option to “show all strains that treat these symptoms“.

Maine Medical Marijuana
And once you have those strains listed you have even more options, like “the overview” which gives a quick peak at all the applicable strains for the selected disease process.

Maine Medical Marijuana
But wait there’s more, the “Hemp Bible” is included, you can email strain information to clients and patients, you can bookmark strains you have researched for quick reference later, you will find growing tips, tricks, tutorials and much much more.

Because the software is free its development is supported by the occasional banner ad integrated into the software, but they are few, out of the way and in no way interfere with or make the use of the The Cannabis Strain Directory difficult or cumbersome to use.

Sorry Apple users but The Cannabis Strain Directory is currently a Windows only program.

And one more slight “glitch“, when you go to download the program be sure to select the option to “download program + database” or “program only” as these links will provided you the latest version of the software (3.2), but the “Download Now” button will take you to Download.com and for some reason gives you an older version (2.2).

Cannabis Strain Directory
Bottom line The Cannabis Strain Directory is extremely useful and gets two thumbs way up.

If you have used The Cannabis Strain Directory please leave a comment and let us (and our readers) know what you think program and what your experience has been.